LambdaTest launches a smart testing platform, HyperTest

LamdbaTest’s new cloud-based website and web app testing platform, HyperTest, is up to 70% faster than any other traditional test execution platform

With the aim to help businesses run end-to-end Selenium tests at the fastest speed possible, LambdaTest, a leading test execution platform, has launched HyperTest.

This announcement comes at a time when digital businesses are launching products and features at breakneck speeds and looking to outsmart competitors. To do this effectively, these businesses must test the code before it’s released to the audience.

Supporting Selenium tests, HyperTest enables businesses to achieve the quickest time to market by intelligently reducing the test execution time. 

As an open-source project that supports web browser automation, Selenium allows developers and QA analysts in organisations to automate their testing. Saving them more time than if this testing was done manually.

“Traditional solutions barely scratch the surface when it comes to speed of test execution. We wanted to build the fastest test execution platform because businesses are tired of slow test execution speeds. When modern digital businesses are building best-in-class features and products, they also need a best-in-class test execution platform,” said Asad Khan, CEO of LambdaTest. 

“HyperTest runs as fast as an in-house Selenium installation and is up to 70% faster than other traditional cloud test execution platforms. We are excited for the world to try out HyperTest and experience test execution at never-before-seen speed. It also comes with a lot of smart features that ensures ease of test execution,” he continued.

Khan founded the company in 2017 with Jay Singh, who holds the position of COO at the company.

HyperTest: Overcoming issues with inherently slow automation platforms

Due to lots of network hops that occur during each test, existing automation testing platforms are inherently slow.

In the traditional approach, triggered test scenarios are first sent to the Selenium hub, which in turn are scheduled to run on the best-suited Selenium node. 

As a result, there is unnecessary latency as many network components are involved in the entire process. Adding to this, multiple network hops with separated components cause increased test flakiness, a factor that is the biggest hindrance to time to market.

To overcome these issues, HyperTest unifies all the components into a single execution environment that eliminates these network hops to reduce test execution times. With this time saved, businesses can not only test code at a faster pace but also fix issues.

These benefits also result in an accelerated time to market.

Coming with real-time console logs for test execution, Hypertest also offers an intelligent grouping of tests to reduce total build time, artefacts management, automatic reporting, and automatic retries on failures. 

The software is available across Windows, Mac, and Linux.


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