Aug 27, 2021

Geo Owl selected by Innovare to create video captioning AI

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Geo Owl
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North Carolina company, Geo Owl has been selected by Innovare’s Aspire Program to create video captioning artificial intelligence (AI)

Geo Owl will assist the program and aim to create a near-real-time scene captioning (AI) algorithm for use in full-motion streaming video analysis. 

The company was selected by Innovare, a partnership amongst the Air Force Research Laboratory and other New York-based organisations, to improve video capturing technology. 

They will assist Innovare’s Aspire Program to "Create a near-real-time scene captioning artificial intelligence algorithm for use in full-motion streaming video analysis, automatically capturing unique, anomalous or unexpected context; emphasis is on raw, live or otherwise unanalyzed video," according to the Innovare website. This is along with a handful of other industry, university and government partners.

"Innovare is aiming high by looking to solve the ISR video problem. Other programs with massive investment have come up short,”  said Nick Smith, CEO of Geo Owl.

“Involving our expert team in the process will enable people with real-world operational knowledge to have a say in what the ultimate outcome is. Paired with our Patternflows technology, the odds of producing an operationally relevant and useful AI increases drastically," he added.

Providing full-motion video analysis 

Since 2013, Geo Owl has provided full-motion video analysis to various military and government customers. This includes the United States Air Force, Special Operations Command, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

The North Carolina company has also built an in-house intelligence collection and distribution software, Patternflows, which can be leveraged to assist with captioning video footage.

Patternflows is a patent-pending technology that improves the way intelligence is collected, stored, and disseminated. The technology can be used for any intelligence observation. When used for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions it increases productivity by 130% compared to current methods.

As part of the Aspire Program, Geo Owl’s vast operational and software development expertise will be relied on for input on the AI algorithm capabilities and the technology usability.

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