C3 AI announce new Shell products on Open AI initiative

With Shell, C3 AI has announced three new Shell products that be available through the Open AI Energy Initiative, an open ecosystem launched by the company

C3 AI’s Open AI Energy Initiative, where the three new Shell products will be available, is an open ecosystem of artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions for the energy and process industries.

This initiative was launched by C3 AI along with Shell, Baker Hughes and Microsoft in February 2021. It aims to provide an open framework for energy operators, service and equipment providers.

It also supports independent software vendors by enabling them to offer interoperable solutions, powered by the BHC3 AI Suite and Microsoft Azure.

The three new Shell products available on the OAI are the Shell Process Optimiser for LNG, Shell Corrosion Advanced Risk Modelling and Analytics, and Shell Autonomous Integrity Recognition. 

All the new products target use cases that will solve key challenges for businesses in the energy industry.

Dan Jeavons, Vice President of Computational Science and Digital Innovation at Shell said: “The products announced today have already been deployed at Shell and have been proven to either create operational efficiencies and savings or generate additional revenue and opportunity.” 

“As more products are added to the growing OAI eco-system, we look forward to working with C3 AI, Baker Hughes, and the other ecosystem partners to build the next-generation platformC3 for the future energy system,” he added.

Shell’s market leadership within the energy sector

With these new offerings using Shell’s proven domain-specific AI applications built on BHC3’s scalable AI application development platform and SaaS applications, businesses can rapidly move past data discovery and cleaning. 

Instead, they can focus on application deployment and realisation of value in critical business areas.

“Previously, there was no framework for Oil and Gas operators to subscribe to proven AI and advanced analytic solutions offered by other operators,” said C3 AI CEO Thomas M. Siebel

He continued: “By bringing more solutions built on the BHC3 AI Suite to the OAI, Shell is demonstrating market leadership and establishing the OAI as a one-of-a-kind model of collaboration.”

These new applications broaden the focus areas within the OAI offerings from asset and system reliability to facility and plant optimisation and asset integrity. These offerings add to an expanding portfolio of highly differentiated, domain-specific and proven AI applications and modules that are interoperable.

Additionally, the applications can be deployed together to support businesses in realising business value and enable them to create scalable, futureproof reference architectures.

Shell’s new products in the Open AI Energy Initiative

One of the new offerings is the Shell Process Optimiser for LNG. This application marries state-of-the-art LNG process engineering and technology with data analytics.

In doing so, the application enhances asset production by helping asset engineers close the gap between current and optimal production. It achieves this by changing key identified operating conditions as optimisation levers.

The application, capable of handling operational, economic, and engineering constraints, generates actionable insights that can be integrated and brought into the continuous closed-loop process control layer for sustained benefits realisation.

Also expanding the OAI offering is the Shell Corrosion Advanced Risk Modelling and Analytics that makes use of novel data analytics techniques to predict internal corrosion and erosion to better prioritise and target inspection and maintenance activities.

This solution lowers inspection costs and HSSE risks for operators. It also minimises the cost of related leaks and safely pushes production to the limit.

Adding to this, Shell Corrosion Advanced Risk Modelling and Analytics reduces the need for manual, tedious field inspections, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Thirdly, the Shell Autonomous Integrity Recognition that is also being made available on the OAI allows inspectors to quickly and easily make use of automated image capture and evaluation.

In doing so, it supports to support execution of external integrity inspections.

By processing data in the cloud coming from inspections carried out with handheld devices, drones and robots, the solution enables inspectors to objectively evaluate issues, identify items that have been overlooked, reduce the time needed at the desk generating reports, and improve inputs to maintenance planning.

These products expand the portfolio of solutions available to OAI subscribers and help accelerate the adoption of enterprise AI in the energy and process industries.


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