Boomy launches new AI music technology for creators

Growth in technology is leading to more creators making content, with Boomy’s new AI-powered technology anyone can create original music

Boomy has launched as an AI-powered technology permitting anyone to create and share original music. It is the first platform that makes it possible for users to both create and distribute their songs across all major streaming and social channels, including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and others. Creators who use the platform also earn 80% of the share of royalties every time their song is streamed. 

The all-in-one platform leverages AI technologies to aid the creativity of music creators. But rather than AI creating the music, Boomy users collaborate with the technology to create, compose and edit songs. Allowing users to create completely original songs with their own compositions and even vocals.

"In this moment of incredible growth for the music industry, the vast majority of people are still left out of music-making. We've recognised that the time, education, and financial resources required to create original music lie at the root of many of the music industry's inequities," said Alex Mitchell, co-founder and CEO of Boomy. “With Boomy, we've used technology to break down all those barriers. Now, we're seeing people all over the world create instant songs with Boomy, release them, and even earn royalty share income. For the first time, musical expression is available to an entirely new type of creator and audience."

More than two million songs have already been created by Beta users and songs created on Boomy have been streamed millions of times.

What is Boomy and how does it work? 

Boomy was founded in 2018 by Alex Mitchell and Matthew Cohen Santorelli, and expands on collaborative AI tools that have been used for decades by artists to generate lyrics, and mixing tools used by DJs and professional producers.

Boomy’s algorithms define the characteristics of different musical genres, such as Hip Hop, or Reggae, and also leverages ML to continuously improve song quality and personalisation as users create music. After a user creates a song, they can choose to release their music to more than 40 streaming platforms and begin earning a royalty share right away.



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